Nola Zirin


Essay – Nola Zirin, The Sound of Color, June Kelly Gallery, NYC, 2024

Essay By Joy Glidden
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Review – Nola Zirin and the march of abstraction, By Michael Brennan, Two Coats of Paint, August 23, 2023.

Exhibition Review, Two Coats of Paint
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Review – Nola Zirin, Assembling Chaos by Benjamin Genocchio, InCollect, 2022.

Exhibition Review, InCollect
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Review – Nola Zirin: Assembling Chaos by Paul Laster in Whitehot Magazine, June 2022.

Exhibition Review, Whitehot Magazine, June 2022
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Catalogue – Blurring Boundaries: The Women of American Abstract Artist, 1936-Present

» Blurring Boundaries: The Women of American Abstract Artists, 1936 - Present
Catalogue published on the occasion of the 2018 exhibition, organized by the Clara M. Eagle Gallery, Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky and the Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Catalogue revised, 2020.

Review – Continuity to Change: Recent History of American Abstraction, 2019

» Review of exhibition, featuring Nola Zirin, 2019

Review – Power Through Color, Nola Zirin & Serena Bocchino, 2018

» Exhibition review by Jill Conner

Review – ENIGMA: August Muth & Nola Zirin, 2017

» The light fantastic: Artists August Muth and Nola Zirin, by Iris McLister, Pasatiepo, 2017

Review – Nola Zirin, Orbs and Angles, June Kelly Gallery, 2017

review of Orbs and Angles by Jill Connor, Whitehot magazine, Sept. 2017
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Review – Sculpture Dimensions -- Sino–American Art Exchange Exhibition, 2017

» Review by Jonathan Goodman, “Sculptor Dimensions” at the Taoxichuan Art Museum of China, Central Academy of Fine Art, Arte Fuse, July 2017

Review – Nola Zirin, Simon Gallery, 2015

» Exhibition review by Jonathan Goodman, 2015

Essay – Dreamland, 2013

» Catalogue Essay by Stephen Main for Nola Zirin, Stardust, 2013 at June Kelly Gallery

Review – Nola Zirin, Stardust, June Kelly Gallery, 2014

» Review of exhibition by Jill Conner, 2014

Review – Nola Zirin, Virtual Vistas, Paintings and Drawings, June Kelly Gallery, 2010

» ArtNews March 2010 Review by Cynthia Nadelman, (exhibition at June Kelly Gallery)

Essay – Seeing the Light, 2003

» Catalogue Essay by Linda Yablonsky for Nola Zirin, Seeing the Light, April 23 – May 21, 2003 at June Kelly Gallery

Review – Nola Zirin, June Kelly Gallery, 2003

» Art In America, November 2003 Review by Cathy Lebowitz, (exhibition at June Kelly Gallery)

Essay – Nola Zirin's Urban Abstractions, 2000

» Catalogue Essay by Barry Schwabsky for Nola Zirin, New Paintings, 2000 at June Kelly Gallery

Review – Nola Zirin. June Kelly Gallery, 1997

» Review, October, 1997, Review by Jeanne C. Wilkinson, (exhibition at June Kelly Gallery, NY)

Review – Nola Zirin, 1992

» ArtNews March 1992 Review by Ruth Bass, (exhibition at June Kelly Gallery)

Review – Nola Zirin, 1983

» East Hampton Star, March 1983 Review by Phyllis Braff, (exhibition at Canio's Books in Sag Harbor, NY)

Nola Zirin at work in her studio.
Zirin at work.